Monday, May 11, 2009

Delusional Rap Moguls and Auckland

I left for New Zealand yesterday. Somewhere along the way I lost May 11th. What I gained was a renewed sense that things have a way of working out (I forgot my passport when I went to the airport, but my uncle, traveling 45 minutes behind, saved the day).

The trip from Philly to LA was painful. I couldn’t find a good way to fill the time save for listening to the delusional man sitting behind me. He spent the entire five and half hour flight talking about how wealthy and awesome he was (apparently he is a music mogul).

The trip from LA to New Zealand was sweet. Saw Gran Torino, took an ambien, saw The Class and that pretty much filled the time. Arrival in Auckland was a bit intense what with the regular customs and BIOSECURITY (OH NO SWINE FLU).

Got to the Hostel at around 6:30 and spent most of the day exploring. Went to Ponsonby and the museum. Saw a lot of Auckland, including the beautiful Auckland Domain (a park). Auckland on the whole is an aesthetically pleasing mix of post war, Victorian, and new construction placed creatively on steep volcanic slopes.

Most importantly, I think I will head to Gailbraith’s to begin my beer quest. See you on the other side of my first New Zealand pint.

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